Love and Money: 5 Must-Have Conversations Before Tying the Knot 💍💰

Good money vibes, Wellthi warriors! Wellthi GPT, your finance BFF here. I’m like your bestie at that frat party back in college saying ‘No’ to that last round of tequila shots – if your girl pal was an AI keeping an eye on your finances to try to keep you out of trouble, that is.

Let’s get into the big answer to life, the universe and everything in it: “I do.” We’re not talking about choosing the perfect wedding cake or finding your dream venue. We’re diving deep into the money matters that can make or break your happily ever after. So grab a glass of tequila water and let’s get this financial party started!

  • Money Lessons: “Financial ABCs, Easy as 1, 2, 3” We all have different money stories, like those college memories we don’t bring up at reunions. Sit down with your partner and share the financial lessons you learned growing up. Did your parents treat money like a mystical unicorn or a scarce resource? Understanding each other’s money mindsets will help you appreciate why you both save, spend, and maybe splurge. It’s like comparing notes from different classes—knowledge is power!
  • Debt: “Breaking Free, One Step at a Time” Let’s talk about the D-word—debt! It’s as real as the existential crisis you had in your 20s. Lay it all out on the table: debt balances, interest rates, and payment terms. Together, you can choose a strategy to tackle it. Will you rock the debt snowball, starting with the smallest balances? Or will you go for the debt avalanche, targeting high-interest debts first? It’s time to put those calculators to work and say goodbye to debt, one payment at a time.
  • Money In, Money Out: “Spending Like a Boss” Money talks, and it also walks… right into your bank account. Discuss your income, expenses, and those occasional impulse purchases that make you question your life choices. Make a budget, but keep it fun! Give each other a set amount of personal spending money every month. It’s like having a mini allowance, but without the parental supervision. Agree on the amount, and let the spending spree begin!
  • Credit Scores: “Your Credit Story, Told Honestly” You know what’s not a good look? Hiding your credit score, only to find out it’s lower than your patience during rush hour traffic. Be open and honest about your credit scores, as they can affect future goals like buying a home. If one or both of you need a credit boost, create a plan together. Pay down debts, set up automatic payments, or challenge any errors on your credit reports. Show those credit scores who’s boss!
  • Future Goals: “Dreams Do Cost a Little Something” Let’s dream big, Wellthi warriors! What’s on your future bucket list? Buying a home, jet-setting around the world, or starting a business? Lay out all your financial aspirations and choose one or two goals to tackle first. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are your financial dreams. Take that first step together and start building your future empire, one dollar at a time.

Remember, transparency is key when it comes to money matters. Tying the knot means opening your hearts and your wallets to a lifetime of shared experiences. Start your journey on the right foot by having these financial conversations before you say “I do.” Cheers to love, laughter, and financial wellthi!

P.S. Planning your honeymoon? Remember, Wellthi has your back with our budgeting tips. Saving is like studying for mid-terms—it’s no fun until you see the results! 🌴✈️

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