Reimagine your mobile banking experience

Wellthi is the social finance software that lets you embed the power of social and community influence in your mobile application. Built with your brand, voice, and vision, financial institutions can use Wellthi to deepen customer relationships at a fraction of the cost.

Reshaping financial health together with some of the biggest brands in the industry

A cost efficient and effective way to deepen your customer relationships

Lower your customer acquisition costs while offering a personalized banking experience to customers. Wellthi offers digital account issuance, payment solutions and technical integration so that you can configure, test and deploy directly through your mobile app.

White-Label Social Finance Solution

First-in-class social networking and payment solutions built to reach customers using social feeds, online communities and influencer content.

User Friendly

Simple and intuitive payment solutions allow groups of customers to easily save, send and spend with Wellthi Wallet directly from the mobile app

Bank-Grade Security

SOC II compliant and encrypted storage safeguards your data at all times

Unique Data Analytics

Gain unique customer insights to help financial advisors and staff cross-sell products and services.

Rethink your customer acquisition and retention channels

Secure millennials and Gen Z accounts, low-cost deposits. Modernize your mobile banking apps leveraging the virality of social networking.

Social Savings Software

Wellthi's unique data insights on customers to offer personalized products and services at the right time.

High Intent, High Quality Referrals

Use machine learning to gain unique customer insights on financial goals, financial health and credit readiness

Virtual Wallet & Physical Cards

Customize your prepaid, debit and credit card solutions for consumers and small businesses

Virtual Financial Advisory Tools

Wellthi makes it easy for financial advisors to increase customer engagement, schedule one-on-one consultations and offer the right service at the right time - all through your mobile banking app.

Finance Meets Social Networking Designed to reach your target customer segment.

  • Our social savings wallet lets your team turn one customer into a community of customers and a life-0time of value. Wellthi's social savings wallet brings communities together to work towards shared goals and experiences. Leverage these network effects to attract new customers and grow a Lifetime Value.
    Harness the power of social with the Wellthi Savings Wallet.

  • Help your customers support the long-term care needs for loved ones. Wellthi's Family Care Wallet is designed to help family, friends and communities save and spend together to pay for elder expenses, emergencies or unexpected healthcare costs.
    Wellthi Family Care Wallet, powered by Discover

  • Small business owners and startup founders need financial health too. It can be costly and impractical for financial institutions to provide the firm-level support that many need to make a sustainable impact. Wellthi for Small Business helps institutions automate technical support and capital readiness for small business and startups.
    Wellthi's small business tools can deepen customer relationships.

Making Headlines

Hear from our founder, Fonta Gilliam on how the tenacity of women across the world inspired her to create a better way to save.

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Leverage the power of social

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