Building Wealth Better Together.

Wellthi turns every card into a community

Strengthen customer relationships with our white label social banking apps, virtual wallets, and intelligent matching software.

Wellthi turns every card into a community

We offer white-label, customizable smart social banking wallets, apps and cards designed to help banks and credit unions leverage the power of online communities, peer pressure and collective savings goals to attract and retain customers, cultivate financial health, and create lending opportunities.


For Financial Institutions

Banks, credit unions and community development financial institutions (CDFIs) can license and white label Wellthi’s technology to offer customizable cards products that appeal to millennial and Gen Z customers.


For Affinity Groups

Strengthen Your Member Community Online
Wellthi helps organizations build customizable mobile apps and affinity cards that promote group savings goals, fundraisers and financial literacy.

Products & Services

Network and Technology Partners


A faster, more efficient way to connect small business borrowers to access to capital and service services


Virtual Wallet

Case Example: Wells Fargo Foundation


Cards & Digital Wallets

Wellthi turns every card into a community
A smarter way to appeal to millennial and Gen Z customers


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