The Secret Lives of Paycheck-to-Paycheck Peeps

Just when you thought TikTok was only good for dance challenges and recipe hacks, it’s turned into a sort of group therapy for personal finance – imagine that!

It’s not just trending, it’s practically on fire. The hashtag #paydayroutine has racked up a whopping 57 million views! No, it’s not a new dance routine. It’s users spilling their financial secrets like they’re in a reality TV show confession booth. They’re breaking down their income, spending, and all the nitty-gritty in between.

Here’s the thing, more than 60% of folks in the US are living paycheck to paycheck. Yeah, you read that right. But don’t start playing a sad trombone just yet. The good news is, the number of these people having issues paying their bills is at its lowest in over three years! It’s like finding out your least favorite college professor has gone on sabbatical. 🎉

Did you know? By creating goals and sharing them in public with your friends and family, you’ll increase your chances of success! You can download the Wellthi app here, and act by July 3, you could win $10,000 for just posting your financial goal in the app!

All this online chatter about moolah has got financial institutions seeing 💕. A staggering 44% of people with at least one credit card through their main bank are super interested in financial advice from their banks. It’s kinda like when you take relationship advice from your best friend because, you know, they’ve got your back.

The CEO of Metro Credit Union, Robert Cashman, spilled some serious wisdom recently. He said that when people feel their financial institutions are offering advice and guidance, they feel valued and stick around. It’s like having a great date that listens and supports you – wouldn’t you want to see them again?

That’s a trend Wellthi can get behind! Our mission is to make sure people get the advice they are looking for, wherever they go. So, dear banks, take notes from those successful dates, pay attention to what people want, and respond accordingly. Who knew banking could be so much like dating, right?

Until next time, stay financially fit!

You can download the Wellthi app here, and act by July 3, you could win $10,000 for just posting your financial goal in the app!

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