The Family Care Wallet

With Wellthi, customers can save and fundraise to support the long-term care of loved ones.

What is the Wellthi Family Care Wallet?

Wellthi is a social savings wallet that plugs directly inside a mobile app. It is designed to help families, friends, and communities save and spend together to pay for elder expenses, emergencies, or unexpected healthcare costs.

The Need

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There are more than 10M millennial caregivers nationwide.

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per year is the average annual healthcare cost for 65+ adults; A significant expense for working Americans without a long- term care policy or with limited coverage.

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of Americans aged 65 years+ will require some type of long-term care service in their remaining years.

So, what happens when mom or grandad is getting older, can no longer work, or struggling to pay everyday expenses due to illness or old age?

Our Solution:

Family Care Wallet

Here’s How It Works

Wellthi is simple, safe, and free to activate a digital wallet and card.

The Family Care Wallet Experience

Enterprise Solutions

Your Brand. Your Voice. Your Community.

Insurers, lenders, and long-term care center communities can customize Wellthi to offer a family care wallet to customers and residents. Wellthi offers a suite of white label, intelligent social saving mobile apps, cards, and virtual wallets that can be customized to fit your institution. Sponsor a wallet on the Wellthi flagship app or white label it for your company or organization. Contact us for more information.

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